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XML news and resources for Macintosh users

XMacL archive 2000-01


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30 March 2000

XML Web Pages with Mozilla

Simon St. Laurent at XML.com on XML support in this open-source browser engine in process (29 March 2000)

13 February 2000

Mac Web Servers: Powered by XML

A MacCentral article in which David L. Hart offers a brief introduction to XML and its anticipated support in Macintosh web browsers (10 February 2000)

9 January 2000

Introducing XMacL

Hello and welcome to all who find XMacL in its unannounced beginning stages.

This site offers links to resources for Mac users interested in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and a weblog on this conjuncture of an operating system and a platform-agnostic markup standard. It also is a testbed for me to begin learning CSS.

XMacL's About page has more on the site's aims and history.

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