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XMacL archive 2001-01


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30 January 2001

Troi Text Plug-in 2.0.1

According to a press release for this FileMaker Pro plug-in, version 2.0.1 (released today) includes a function that "can import information from XML data files and parse it into your FileMaker Pro database. It will allow you to get the specified node out of an XML formatted field. It will deal with nested nodes, returning all child nodes or just the child node you specify. You can also retrieve the attributes of nodes." (30 January 2001)

20 January 2001

dbReports 2.3

A new version of this XML-capable reporting tool is available; earlier XMacL weblog entries tell more about dbReports. (18 January 2001)

17 January 2001


Built as an example of the combined utility of the XML Tools AppleScript Scripting Addition with FaceSpan 3.0 and offered for free as a sample application by Late Night Software, WatchNews reads XML news feeds from UserLand Software's Scripting News site and displays the data "in a dialog box where you can double-click on items to view them in your Web Browser." The download page also displays the AppleScript source code for WatchNews, and another page at Late Night Software's site offers other XML Tools usage examples. (both pages updated 16 January 2001)

11 January 2001

Tidy for Mac OS Update

A newly updated version adds bug fixes to MacTidy, which checks and corrects XML and HTML for standards compliance. Now at v1.0b13, MacTidy is based on "tidy" source of 4 August 2000 and was released 7 January 2001. (9 January 2001)

9 January 2001

Annual Call for Tips!

As XMacL marks its first anniversary of publication on a day of tempting Titanium Powerbook G4 news but no directly XML-related announcements from the MacWorld keynote, I'd like to encourage Macintosh users and developers to drop a line about Mac-friendly XML software or web resources that might be useful to XMacL's readers. (9 January 2001)

2 January 2001

Apple Internet Developer

Worth noting here for folks who haven't yet run across it, Apple maintains an Internet Developer page with useful content and links. (undated page)

2 January 2001

XSLT on Mac

Of interest related to that of the item below, this slightly older page at vedavid.org offers John Robert Gardner's step-by-step suggestions and links to tools for working with XML and XSLT on Macs (6 June 2000)

1 January 2001

XML with Java on Macs

This page on Don Larsen's site offers his annotated resources for Mac developers interested in using Java to process XML and XSL (31 December 2000)

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