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XMacL archive 2001-04


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24 April 2001

BBEdit 6.1.1

Downloadable updaters are now available to bring v6.X of Bare Bones Software's BBEdit to version 6.1.1, which offers several bug fixes as well as workarounds for a few compatibility issues with third-party software. BBEdit 6.1, announced shortly before 6.1.1, added Unicode (UTF-8 and UTF-16) support and an OSX version with (among other features) integration with OSX's native Perl environment and the ability to validate OSX's plist XML files against an internal DTD. (23 April 2001)

17 April 2001

Morphon XML Editor 1.1.1

New version 1.1.1 of this Java-based, Mac-compatible XML editor adds bug fixes, improved drag and drop support, and various other small improvements. (17 April 2001)

12 April 2001

ElfData XML Editor 1.0

This new XML editor (built with REALbasic) for Mac OSX and Classic checks well-formedness and can validate documents against a DTD. The developer's page lists many features including tree and source viewing modes, graphical editing functions, diagnostically targeted error reporting, and find/replace capabilities. A feature-crippled trial version is available for free download. (12 April 2001)

5 April 2001

QuickTime 5 Skins

An Apple page explains how to make media skins for QuickTime 5 Public Preview 2; an example of workflow shows how these skins make use of XML-tagged text files. (undated page)

5 April 2001

Virtuoso 2.1 for Mac OSX

Now able to run on Mac OS X, Virtuoso is an integrated web, database, and file server that supports standards including XML, XPATH, XSL-T, and SOAP. According to its developer, "Virtuoso enables real-time creation of Dynamic XML documents (DTD or XML Schema based) from homogeneous or heterogeneous SQL Databases," as well as indexing and storing native XML documents "in a separate non-relational data repository." Virtuoso supports XPATH for querying XML documents. (undated page)

5 April 2001


This cross-platform, database-driven content management solution offers MacOS client support, QuarkXPress connectivity, and web publishing features including an "XML Robot" that can export XML-tagged content "using any pre-defined Document Type Definition (DTD)." (Built on Oracle 8i, the server requires Unix or Windows 2000 hardware.) (undated page)

5 April 2001

PageNOW! 2.0

New version 2.0 of this paging software includes support for messaging to Pagers and PCS/GSM digital phones using various protocols, including HTTP-based paging via "XML based Plug-ins for major services provided" with the software. PageNOW! requires MacOS 7.0 or higher, with OS 9 recommended. (undated page)

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