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XMacL archive 2000-02


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28 June 2000

Standards in IE 5 and Gecko

Netscape's detailed comparison of support for standards including XML in Explorer 5 and Gecko, the rendering engine for the next Navigator (undated page)

16 June 2000

DC-dot Dublin Core Generator

A web-based tool (for any browser on any platform, including MacOS) that generates Dublin Core or RDF/XML metadata descriptions of any web page located at a URL entered into an HTML form by a user (14 June 2000)

14 June 2000

Road to Mac OS X: Unix Underpinnings will be hidden

MacCentral piece mentioning that interface settings for Mac OS X will be stored in XML-formatted configuration files (14 June 2000)

10 June 2000

Cruising to XML with avenue.quark

MacWeek on an XML import/export utility for QuarkXPress (9 June 2000)

1 June 2000

Lasso XML vs. FileMaker XML White Paper

A comparison of two means of implementing XML-tagged data exchange with FileMaker Pro; by Blue World Communications, maker of Lasso (1 June 2000)

8 May 2000

XML Web Pages with Internet Explorer 5 for Macintosh

Simon St. Laurent at XML.com on XML support in IE 5.0 for Macintosh (2 May 2000)

16 April 2000

Here We Go Again (Standards Support in Internet Explorer)

The Web Standards Project on standards support in Microsoft browsers (11 April 2000)

3 April 2000

Missing in Action (XML 1.0 in Internet Explorer)

A List Apart on partial XML support in IE 5.0 for Macintosh (31 March 2000)

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