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XMacL archive 2000-04


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29 August 2000

Adobe GoLive WAP/WML Support

Adobe has announced a GoLive extension to support Wireless Markup Language (WML, an application of XML); the link above leads to their press release, which promises availability by 31 August 2000. (28 August 2000)

27 August 2000

New Versions of Tidy for Mac OS

New versions of MacTidy (now at v1.0b10) and the BBTidy plugin (now at v1.0b7) for BBEdit are available for download, as are updates of TidyHTML and MPWTidy as well. Tidy for Mac OS checks XML and HTML against W3C standards, corrects problems it knows how to fix, and logs those it doesn't. These latest versions are based on Tidy source code of 4 August 2000 and include bug fixes, improvements to interface dialogs and configuration files, and updated documentation. (27 August 2000)

21 August 2000

XML Engine 1.01

XML Engine is a set of REALbasic classes for parsing and rendering XML; its developer's page lists its features, including various manipulation methods and error logging. Newer versions have been made available since this posting; link URL updated 23 October 2000. (19 August 2000)

14 August 2000

XML Tools 2.1

Late Night Software has released version 2.1 of their XML Tools Scripting Addition for AppleScript, with improvements made chiefly to its whitespace handling.

According to their web site, this version's new features include: "the parse XML command now supports the xml-space="preserve" tag attribute that causes white space to be retained within the data associated with the tag; the parse XML command now has a boolean preserving whitespace parameter that allows you to direct parse XML to preserve white space characters (space, tab, newline) within XML data; the generate XML command now has boolean pretty printing parameter controlling the formatting applied to generated XML data." (13 August 2000)

2 August 2000

FileMaker Pro Advisor XML Feature Story

In today's mail was the September issue of FileMaker Pro Advisor, which has a practically oriented, non-frothy article on using XML and XSL in web applications built with this user-friendly database. At least for now, the article isn't available online, but only in the printed publication; the linked title for this weblog entry leads only to the magazine's home page (but they do give away free sample issues...). (undated page)

1 August 2000

FileMaker 5.0 CGI XML Query Generator

More news from Global Energy (see WAP/WML entries), which now has online a form-driven generator of CGI queries constructed to request XML-tagged output of user-specified content from user-specified FileMaker Pro 5 web servers. An active site! (1 August 2000)

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