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XMacL archive 2000-05


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11 September 2000

BBEdit 6.0 Released with XML Support

Bare Bones Software has announced the availability of BBEdit 6.0, which adds--among other new features--syntax coloring support for XML and XHTML, syntax checking to the XHTML 1.0 and WML 1.1 standards, and HTML Tools support for XHTML 1.0; this new version also opens and saves UTF-8 and UTF-16 Unicode files, offers enhanced grep functionality for search-and-replace, and offers a slew of other improvements. (11 September 2000)

11 September 2000

Mac Version of XML Console

Extensibility now offers a Mac version of this tool for, in the developer's words, "centralized batch conversion, validation, and documentation management of schemas and XML business documents within a workgroup." I haven't tried it, but the company offers a 10-use trial download. (undated page)

10 September 2000

dbReports 2.1 Released

A new version is available of this reporting application, which uses XML as its default format for saving reports from a variety of data sources. (9 September 2000)

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