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XMacL archive 2001-09


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26 September 2001

Web Services & Mac OS X 10.1

Several Apple pages address Mac OS X 10.1's AppleScript support for communicating with Web Services applications via SOAP and XML-RPC, XML-based Internet protocols. Along with the link above, a page on AppleScript in Mac OS X provides useful context, one on Script Menu shows a nice interface tool and offers downloadable Internet Services scripts that build on Mac OS X 10.1's ability to handle XML-RPC and SOAP, and another tells of AppleScript Studio, a set of Mac OS X script and interface development tools said to be "available later this year." Another Apple page has general OS X XML information for developers.

25 September 2001

RoustaboutXT 2.0 & XPress XML 2.0

Apropos Toy & Tool Development have announced two XML tools for QuarkXPress (4.04 and up). RoustaboutXT 2.0 supports XML-based import and export of QuarkXPress text, preserving ligatures, ornaments, mathematical and scientific symbols, anchored text and pictures, and so on. The less flexible and lower-cost XPress XML 2.0 "imports and exports formatted text to and from QuarkXPress in much the same way as the the XPress Tags filter does, but because the XPress XML format is XML, it is easier to learn and XPress XML files can be used by any standard XML application, such as a browser, editor or transformation tool."

25 September 2001

Adobe InDesign 2.0

XML-related features of Adobe's newly released version 2.0 of InDesign include a "structure view and Tag palette for creating XML to repurpose legacy documents" and "build XML templates"; "support for importing and exporting well-formed XML"; "easier tracking, management, and retrieval of InDesign documents through Adobe's new XML-based metadata framework"; and the ability to "export to rich content formats, including SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), XML, or tagged Adobe PDF (eBooks)."

25 September 2001

FileMaker Pro Developer 5.5

Users of FileMaker Pro Developer's XML features may be interested in checking out this recently released version 5.5. It's not clear from the company's online information whether this upgrade adds news XML functionality beyond that of v.5 (do any early adopters out there know?), but its new Database Design Report feature can generate documentation as either an FMP database or in an XML-based format.

25 September 2001


FX.php is a "free, Open Source PHP class for accessing FileMaker Pro data" via FileMaker's XML output. The tool's readme states that "FX.php is a PHP class which parses the XML output by FileMaker Pro's web companion into a multi-level array which is easily manipulated using PHP."

25 September 2001

Opera 5.0 Beta 3

Opera 5.0 for Mac Beta 3 is available for download; this web browser's support for W3C standards includes an ability to handle XML in some ways.

24 September 2001

Interaction 3.6

According to its developer's site, version 3.6 of this web application server features an "integrated native XML database," "implements server-side XSL transformations," and includes a style sheet editor that now supports "all properties of CSS2." A downloadable trial version is available.

6 September 2001

Morphon XML Editor 2.0b1

Beta 1 of version 2.0 of this Java-based, validating XML editor adds new functionality and various bug fixes; Morphon also offers a CSS editor for use in conjunction with this XML editor.

5 September 2001

W3C approves SVG 1.0

The World Wide Web Consortium has approved Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.0, an XML-based standard for specifying and delivering two-dimensional dynamic graphics over the web.

4 September 2001

db Reports 2.5.1

Version 2.5.1 of this XML-capable tool for generating reports from databases offers important bug fixes.

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