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XMacL archive 2001-08


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28 August 2001

XML Tools 2.3

Version 2.3 of Late Night Software's AppleScript Scripting Addition for parsing and generating XML offers the following changes, according to the developer's "What's New" page: "XML Tools now supports all aspects of the Native PowerPC Scripting Addition API as defined by Apple. Previous versions did not support reference counting"; "Added XML element id to the XML Element class to indicate element serialization," replacing "the old way of doing this via an ID attribute that proved difficult to use from AppleScript"; "XML Tools now properly reports mismatched tag errors"; "Some memory management errors have been resolved which should resolve some instability problems"; and "The generate XML command now properly handles 'without pretty printing' and white space is no longer introduced into the resulting XML stream."

27 August 2001

db Reports 2.5

Version 2.5 of this XML-capable tool for generating reports from databases is now available.

6 August 2001

XML Toolkit 2.0.1

According to its developer's page, version 2.0.1 of this package of REALbasic tools for "parsing and creating XML code to and from object structures" is "thread-safe, with HTML parsing, incremental parsing, text conversion and more."

6 August 2001

db Reports 2.5b5

A new beta version of this XML-capable tool for generating reports from databases fixes a crashing bug and adds a few new features.

1 August 2001

SendStory for Mac OS X

Softmagic, Inc. describes this XML editor and "collaboration application" as "an easy-to-use XML content creator running on Mac OS X" and states that it "communicates with [Macs'] online file sharing facility, iDisk and any TCP/IP networked server to send and receive" structured XML stories conforming to standard DTDs or "customized DTDs designed with SendStory"; synchronizes "document structures of...multilingual documents"; and "converts XML to HTML" by means of a "pre-defined style mapping mechanism" suited to "writing Apple Help files" and Web pages. An "XML story created with SendStory can be interfaced to a content management system."

1 August 2001


Anastasia is Scholarly Digital Editions' cross-platform tool for managing XML and SGML documents and collections of documents and transforming them for publication in multiple formats (including HTML) for the Web and CD-ROM. It uses formatting style files written in Tcl, which enables these styles to employ conditionals, string replacements, local and global variables, and include files. Along with downloadable demo versions for Mac OS and Windows, the developer's site has instructions for getting started and documentation of of Anastasia's architecture and publishing model.

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