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XMacL archive 2000-06


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25 October 2000

News XPress 1.21

Version 1.21 of News XPress, a Mac reader for XML news feeds, is available in a time-limited demo (see below for comments on an initial encounter with version 1.2). (25 October 2000)

24 October 2000

BBEdit 6.0.1

Following up on the recent announcement (see XMacL September archive) of BBEdit 6.0 with new features including syntax coloring for XML and XHTML as well as syntax checking to the XHTML 1.0 standard, an update to 6.0.1 offers various improvements including several related to XHTML support. (24 October 2000)

24 October 2000

dbReports 2.1.2

A new version is available of this reporting application, which uses XML as its default format for saving reports from a variety of data sources; see earlier XMacL archives for a bit more information about dbReports. (21 October 2000)

23 October 2000

News XPress 1.2

Version 1.2 of News XPress, a Mac-platform reader for XML news feeds, is available for download in a time-limited free demo. According to its developer, "News XPress lets you browse, read and keep up to date with News published by big servers on the internet" formatted as "RDF, RSS, ScriptingNews, moreovernews and CDF."

In trying out the demo briefly with a few URLs listed at www.xmltree.com, about a third of the feeds I tried came up just fine; most likely at least some of those that didn't were for servers that happened to be offline. Among those that worked (tagged in this sentence with links to their XML feed URLs, *not* their HTML pages) were Scripting News, finetuning.com, MacCentral, and feeds from Moreover.com on XML and Metadata and Indonesian news.

If you try out the demo, you can copy the links in the preceding sentence and paste them into News XPress to check them out; if you click on them here in your web browser, you'll initiate downloads or display raw XML source in Navigator, see nicely color-coded source in Explorer 5 (except for the finetuning link, which throws a whitespace error when IE tries to parse it), or render less prettied-up but legible source for all five in iCab.

News Xpress minded its manners nicely when running under OS 8.6 alongside Navigator 4.75, Explorer 5.0, iCab 2.2, Fetch 3.0.3, Eudora 5.0, and BBEdit 5.1.1, with no untoward behavior aside from its own very minor interface anomalies. (19 October 2000)

11 October 2000

Interaction 3.5

Media Design in-Progress has released a new version of Interaction, its software for use with Mac-platform web servers. Interaction can use CSS style sheets to create HTML pages on the fly from XML files, processing content stored as XML to enable viewing with browsers which can render only HTML. Paraphrasing the developer's site, version 3.5 offers content fragment aggregation with XPath, improved form handling, and support for XHTML, the DOM Level 2 scripting interface, XPath, and XML Namespaces. (11 October 2000)

9 October 2000

XML 1.0 (Second Edition) at W3C

While there's been no news in several weeks about XML tools for the Mac (reflected in the scant number of entries in the September XMacL archive), in a development of more fundamental interest the World Wide Web Consortium has posted XML 1.0 in a second edition incorporating previous errata and remaining otherwise unchanged; the link above leads to a useful review version with new material highlighted. (6 October 2000)

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