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XMacL archive 2000-07


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28 November 2000

CPLAT Adds XML Classes

A trial version is available of this cross-platform development framework that runs under MacOS7.5-MacOS9 and MacOSX/Carbon with Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro 6 or Apple Project Builder (as well as under Windows). This version adds expat-based classes to support reading and writing of XML data from files or memory. A downloadable pdf from the developer states that "The parser feeds information to a set of classes that provides a stack mechanism for handling the different elements in the XML document." I'm not a C++ programmer, but I imagine that this may be of interest to Mac application developers who want to use that language to handle XML. (26 November 2000)

27 November 2000

Interaction 3.5.1

Media Design in-Progress has released a minor update for version 3.5 of Interaction, its software for use with Mac-platform web servers (see XMacL's October archive for more on Interaction). (undated page)

20 November 2000

dbReports 2.2

A new version is available of this application, which can save XML-formatted reports from various data sources. (19 November 2000)

16 November 2000

Lasso Web Data Engine 3.6.6

A Blue World press release states that new features of Lasso 3.6.6 include "documentation and examples for using Lasso Web Data Engine to output data in various forms of XML" and the capability to "instantly publish any Lasso-accessible data source in XML" and WML. (15 November 2000)

15 November 2000

News XPress 1.23

Version 1.23 of News XPress, a Mac reader for XML news feeds, is available in a demo (see below on version 1.2). (15 November 2000)

15 November 2000

Tidy for Mac OS Updates

Updated versions of the several flavors of Tidy for Mac OS include various bug fixes. Tidy "checks and corrects" XML and HTML for standards compliance. MacTidy is now at v1.0b12 and BBTidy is at v1.0b8 (both are based on "tidy" source of 4 August 2000 and were released 4 November 2000). (6 November 2000)

1 November 2000

Adobe's XML Plans

Adobe has posted a press release sketching in a brief but intriguing way the company's plans for more efficient network publishing tools using XML-based standards such as SMIL, SVG, and WML. (31 October 2000)

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