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28 December 2000

Troi Text Plug-in 2.0b1

A downloadable beta is available of this plug-in for FileMaker Pro 5 and 4 on Mac OS (and Windows). According to the developer's press release, it includes a new XML function that "can import information from XML data files and parse it into your FileMaker Pro database," "get the specified node out of an XML formatted field," "retrieve the attributes of nodes," and "deal with nested nodes, returning all child nodes or just the child node you specify." (28 December 2000)

27 December 2000

MedWeb demo

This experimental image database demonstrates "how Frontier acts as a SOAP and XML-RPC interface to Filemaker Pro v5. ...Images are uploaded via Manila and a thumbnail is automagically made using a Frontier script. Information about each image is stored on a remote Filemaker Pro server. A second copy of Frontier on that server acts as an XML-RPC (and SOAP) interface between this Manila site and the database server." It's unspecified how much (if any) of this is running on Macs, but its use of FileMaker, Frontier, and XML gives it some cross-platform interest either way. (undated page)

14 December 2000

PADMaker for Mac

A downloadable beta version is available of this "application to help shareware authors generate the PAD standard xml file standard," a data format for conveying information about shareware. (13 December 2000)

14 December 2000

Morphon RC-2

A new Release Candidate version of this Java-based XML and CSS editor is said by its developer to offer revised whitespace handling, saving of external entities, XSL processing based on Saxon 5.5.1, and other improvements. (13 December 2000)

13 December 2000

BBEdit 6.0.2

Bare Bones Software has released a v6.0.2 updater for BBEdit 6; while it adds no major XML-specific functionality, it includes many useful additions and fixes. (12 December 2000)

13 December 2000

XT Connector 1.5

XT Connnector 1.5 allows Mac and Windows users "to transform highly graphical and structured QuarkXPress documents and entire directories to XML, which is then stored within worldweb.net's Expressroom®I/O on the web." According to a worldweb.net press release, "The QuarkXPress document retains all of its layout and properties when transformed to XML," preserving "font, face, style, color, and paragraph style sheet" attributes and transforming each image "into XML as a named image file associated with the individual document": "The image retains all original descriptive information such as the original file name, page location, and image box size and location." (12 December 2000)

6 December 2000

REALbasic XML Export

An alpha version of REALbasic 3.0 adds the ability to export and re-import projects as XML-tagged files. REALbasic runs on Mac OS 7.6.1 to 9 and Mac OS X Public Beta. (Additional note, 12 February 2001:) REALbasic 3 is now shipping, and the pages to which this item originally linked have been removed from the REAL Software website; the title link now points to their home page. (5 December 2000; updated 12 February 2001)

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