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XMacL archive 2001-02


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22 February 2001

Opera 5 TP1 for Mac

"Technology Preview 1" of the Macintosh version of the Opera web browser is now available for download. The developer's page mentions "Support for XML" without further details, but a quick look at a couple of XML-tagged text files (with .xml file names) simply displayed an uninterrupted, soft-wrapped stream of all character data; perhaps (unlike IE5, which renders a useful color-coded display of raw XML source) Opera requires an associated style sheet to format XML documents in a legible way? (22 February 2001)

21 February 2001

XML Engine 1.07

A new version is available of these REALbasic classes for handling XML. (19 February 2001)

12 February 2001

REALbasic XML Tools Page

A new page on the REALbasic site offers brief descriptions of three XML-handling tools (also listed in XMacL's "tools" section) for use with this programming language, as of today shipping in Version 3. (undated page)

12 February 2001

STXML 1.0.0 for Mac OSX

Mac OSX (and OSX Server) developers working with XML data may be interested in Subsume Technologies' STXML framework. Subsume states that this "object-oriented API...is simple to use for probably 90% of what most people use XML for," especially those using WebObjects. STXML uses the open-source expat XML parser. (8 February 2001)

1 February 2001

Opera for Mac on the Way

An informational page on the forthcoming Mac version of the Opera web browser (currently in private alpha) states that it includes "Support for XML" without specifying any details--worth keeping an eye on, at least. (1 February 2001)

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