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XMacL archive 2001-03


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26 March 2001

XML Engine 1.2

Version 1.2 "adds multi character entity mapping" to this REALbasic tool, which consists of classes offering "around 100 methods" for handling XML and HTML. (24 March 2001)

26 March 2001

XML Tools 2.2 for AppleScript

Version 2.2 of Late Night Software's Scripting Addition for parsing and generating XML with AppleScript adds native support for Mac OS X. (23 March 2001)

20 March 2001

JavaScript XML Tools

Interest in handling XML-tagged data with client-side JavaScript has led to parsers in various degrees of progress at several sites. Of potential interest to web developers using Macs or any other platform, some of these projects are ESPX and TinyXSL ("an ECMAScript Parser for (almost) XML, with namespaces" and "XML transform in-Script mini-Language"), xml for <SCRIPT>, XParse, and JaSMin. (variously dated pages)

8 March 2001

Interaction 3.6b

A new pre-release version of this Mac-platform server software is now downloadable. This Beta of Interaction 3.6 "implements server-side XSL transformations and upgrades the style sheet editor to CSS2." The developer's version notes tell of various improvements to Interaction's XML-editor component. (8 March 2001)

8 March 2001

Morphon XML Editor 1.1

A new version of this Java-based, validating XML editor has been released. Two downloadable installers for Macintosh are available for free 30-day trial use. One is for Macs which have a Java runtime environment installed, and the other includes such an environment. According an installation page, the editor also requires MRJ 2.1 or higher, Sun's Swing 1.1.1, and the MRJ SDK (all are downloadable).

The online manual lists new features in version 1.1 as including "CSS Support for Attr() content"; "Improved performance for document loading and faster editing"; "Some xml properties [such as whitespace policy settings] are stored per document"; "The Enter and Backspace keys have some intelligent behaviour"; "Fixes problems with loading and registering plugins"; and "The process of loading and creation of a document can be canceled." Morphon's change log has a complete list. (6 March 2001)

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