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XMacL archive 2001-06


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27 June 2001

Mac A&D 7.3

Version 7.3 of this software design tool can list documents as XML files: "This includes class models, object models, state models, process models, structure models, data models, task models, screen models, data dictionary and requirements," according to the developer.

26 June 2001


Among the new features of version 3.1 of this application development framework is the ability to use XML to specify user interface elements.

26 June 2001

WebXPress 5

Gluon's WebXPress Pro 5 can export content from QuarkXPress documents to formats including valid XML 1.0 and Open eBook 1.0.

13 June 2001

BBEdit Lite 6.1.1

Bare Bones Software has made available for download BBEdit Lite 6.1.1, which adds several bug fixes to recently released version 6.1 (see below).

7 June 2001

ElfData XML Editor 1.02

Version 1.02 of this XML editor for Mac OSX and Classic fixes all reported bugs and adds full DTD support, batch validation, and the ability to handle DocBook files (see XMacL entry of 12 April 2001 for more on this software).

6 June 2001

LiveStage 3.0

Version 3 of this authoring environment for QuickTime 5 enables projects to be saved as XML-tagged text files, and it uses XML-based "QTLists" to store data attached to QuickTime movies and tracks.

6 June 2001

Acrobat-to-XML Beta

Adobe has made available for download a beta version of a "Save As XML Plug-In for Macintosh" for Acrobat 5 (the plug-in works only with tagged PDF files, and the Adobe plug-in for converting existing untagged Acrobat files to tagged ones is not currently available in a Macintosh version).

6 June 2001

BBEdit Lite 6.1

Bare Bones Software has made available for download a new version of BBEdit Lite. This free text editor is not as feature-rich in its ability to work with tagged text as is the full version of BBEdit, but it's still a great tool (especially for the price, which can't be beat!).

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