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19 July 2001

Oratorio 1.0

Oratorio, "a combination of a library for song lyrics and a presentation package" for Mac OS X, Classic, and Windows, uses an "open XML format"; the developer states that "it's...possible to write a script that would look at the contents of an Oratorio presentation, and lay out a program for [a church] service based on its contents." The broad outlines of this functionality suggest that Oratorio may use something like SMIL, but it seems as though it may use some locally-developed kind of markup.

19 July 2001

SOAP & XML-RPC in Mac OS X 10.1

An Apple page on the latest version of Mac OS X mentions its built-in support for SOAP and XML-RPC; a thread on this in the SOAP Builders email list includes Dave Winer's comments as well as some brief background on this intersection of SOAP, XML-RPC, AppleEvents, and AppleScript from Steve Zellers at Apple.

19 July 2001

Macworld Expo XML News

A tour around the exhibits floor yesterday at Macworld Expo in New York produced no major XML revelations but a a few relevant news items.

A Canto press release (seemingly not yet available online) offers a bit more information about the new XML MetadataBridge for their Cumulus asset management system; this is said to be available as a free download now, but the download page is accessible to Cumulus users only, precluding further details here. According to the printed release, XML MetadataBridge enables Cumulus to export XML-tagged metadata in more flexible ways than does Canto's DIG35 MetadataBridge, which supports that one specific image metadata standard.

Elsewhere on the floor and the web, two Gluon tools for QuarkXPress offer XML export; in addition to WebXPress's capabilities of this sort, PresenterActive can wrap "image information in Customized Tags" to support subsequent import into XML-aware database systems. And the keynote address confirmed that QuarkXPress 5 will itself include some sort of built-in support for publishing (exporting?) XML documents.

Opera 5 for Mac Beta 2 was announced as well, with continued support for W3C standards including XML and WAP/WML.

17 July 2001

Canto XML Metadata Bridge

Canto Software's XML MetadataBridge is said to offer users of their Cumulus asset management system XML import and export (the link above leads to Canto's main page; no information about this product seems to be posted on their site yet). Update: the press release mentioned here is now on the Canto site as a downloadable pdf file.

17 July 2001

MacinMind Passenger 2.0b2

This tool for generating Mac OSX Server passwords and creating accounts handles formats including ASIP XML, and offers "Automatic detection of XML from delimited text."

17 July 2001

db Reports 2.5b4

An updated version of this XML-friendly reporting application adds some bug fixes and better support for REALBasic 3.0.

5 July 2001

Pepper 3.6.6a

This text editor now offers what the developer calls "tag protection: "For each syntax style you can now tell Pepper to protect any text in that style. This is useful if you want others to fill in XML files."

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