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28 February 2002

InDesign 2.0 XMedia Plug-In

According to its Adobe download page, this cross-media plug-in enables InDesign 2.0 to "import, create, edit, and export XML files." This new version "incorporates numerous fixes and introduces the Export XML dialog box," with which users can "export tagged images as Web-ready graphics in GIF or JPEG format" with "relative path information for the images...included in the XML file for enhanced portability in your Web production workflow."

27 February 2002

XML Database Products

Ronald Bourret has recently updated his list of database software able to work in various ways with XML documents; a few of the many listed products can run in Mac OS Classic or Mac OS X environments. The page also offers Bourret's succinct explanation of the diverse ways in which software products can work with databases and XML.

27 February 2002


This suite of publishing software for Mac OS X uses XML to transmit "data and content between different sites and systems"; its "underlying concept of separation of design and content provides the groundwork for cross-media publishing." Its developer, SoftMagic, also offers M-Layout, OS X native page-layout software that an Apple page describes as being based on XML-tagged data "paginated based on a pre-defined set of rules and XML tags."

27 February 2002

Python 2.1 for Mac OS X

A Web page of "Pre-Compiled Mac OS X Stuff" offered for download by Tony Lownds features version 2.1 of Python, which includes the expat XML parser.

27 February 2002


A Mac OS X compatible Java-based integrated development environment (IDE) that includes the Jaxp Parser 1.2.1, MightyJ offers features including XML editing: "You may check where an XML document can be parsed into a DOM object at any time by clicking on the build button from the main toolbar. You can also check if the XML document is well formed when the Validate XML is set in your compile preferences."

27 February 2002

OpenLink Virtuoso

This cross-platform server can run under Mac OS X and implements "Web, File, and Database server functionality alongside Native XML Storage, and Universal Data Access Middleware as a single server solution" with support for standards including "XML, XPATH, XSL-T, SOAP, WebDAV, SMTP, SQL-92, ODBC, JDBC, and OLE-DB."

27 February 2002

ElfData XML Editor 1.14

Version 1.14 of this Mac-platform XML editor, which offers "full DTD validation, but doesn't require a DTD if you only want to do well-formedness validation," has been released; this version fixes all bugs known to the developer.

27 February 2002

BlogApp 1.1

Version 1.1 of this Mac OS X shareware application (made with the AppleScript Studio developer environment) "allows users to easily post to their weblog" via Mac OS X's XML-RPC."

27 February 2002

BlogScript 1.6

Available for download from its developer is version 1.6 of this AppleScript that "uses the built in XML-RPC power of OS X...to allow users of Blogger.com's weblog and news site management system to post directly from a users desktop, or from anywhere for that matter."

27 February 2002


The link above leads to an entry in Steve Zeller's weblog in which he discusses AEXMLTutor, a work in progress (as of January 2002, still "buggy") designed to parse SOAP, XML-RPC, and most recently Web Services Description Language, or WSDL to AppleScript. The page explains how to point AEXMLTutor towards a default URL so that it can "fetch the WSDL and produce a few AppleScript routines that match the methods exported by this web service." Beta 0.5 of the software is downloadable from the developer's iDisk page.

27 February 2002

RSSX 1.0b1

Now in beta and licensed under the BSD Open Source license, "RSSX reads news headlines from a variety of news sites using the RDF/RSS format. The full text of the news can be read in a web browser by simply double-clicking the headline. RSSX is an Applescript Studio application and requires Mac OS X 10.1.2 or later."

27 February 2002

Atomik 3.0

Version 3.0 of this high-end software for conversion of QuarkXPress content to XML was recently announced. Its developer, Easypress, has made available for download a PDF version of an article on relevant content-management practices.

27 February 2002

NAPS Translation System

According to its developer, the NAPS Translation System (NTS) is an editorial tool that performs "automated batch conversion from Quark and RTF to XML, and from XML to HTML." NTS "enables writers and editors to continue working in Word, and layout and designers to continue working in QuarkXPress, while streamlining the path to cross-media publishing." A downloadable PDF file from the developer offers more information.

27 February 2002

XML Schema Quality Checker 2.0

Version 2.0 of this XML schema checker from IBM alphaWorks adds such features as "validation of schemas embedded in other documents (such as WSDL)" and "improved checking." This Java-based tool can run under Mac OS X.

27 February 2002

Morphon XML-Editor 2.0

Release version 2.0 of this Java-based, validating XML editor (able to run under Mac OS 8 and higher) supports XML schemas and namespaces; Unicode 3.0 and character encodings including UTF-8, UTF-16, and ISO-Latin variants; remote editing and publishing via HTTP and FTP; and various other features.

5 February 2002

BBEdit 6.5.2

A version 6.5.2 updater for this text editor (a truly useful tool for working with XML and many other things) is available for download from Bare Bones Software.

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