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XMacL archive 2002-03


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18 March 2002

XML Tools 2.4

Late Night Software's newly released version 2.4 of XML Tools, their Scripting Addition for parsing and generating XML with AppleScript, adds more flexibly configurable whitespace handling, improved entity encoding in attribute values, correct parsing of processing instructions containing colons, and other fixes.

7 March 2002

FX.php update

A new March 2002 release (no version number) of this free, open-source PHP class adds a "full set of character translation files," a "function to more easily configure which FileMaker password to use," and other enhancements. FX.php "makes FileMaker Pro Data accessible via PHP...by parsing the XML created by FileMaker Pro's Web Companion into a multi-level array. Once in this form, you can use PHP's powerful functions to sort, display, and otherwise massage your data."

4 March 2002


An XMacL reader has suggested this free, Java-based text editor as a useful open-source tool for working with XML under OS X. jEdit's features include syntax coloring for 70 languages including XML and XSL, a macro language, and unlimited undo/redo. Its developer strongly recommends that Mac users "use the latest MacOS X update (at the time of writing, 10.1.3) and the latest MRJ (at the time of writing, 3.2) to run jEdit," and notes that "for classic MacOS (9.x and earlier), Apple has stated they will not release a Java 2-compatible virtual machine for that platform. As a result, you can use jEdit 3.2.2, but 4.0 and later will not run."

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